Akiva School

Akiva School

School Council

The School Council is led by Lucy Glicksman. Two children from each class (spanning year 2 to year 6) are elected to the Council at the beginning of each academic year and the Council meets fortnightly to plan and organise activities. The Council appoints a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer and Secretary. 

The aims of the School Council are to work together to try and make our school a better place for the children and the staff. Members of the School Council bring ideas from their classmates to the meetings about how they want the school to be improved.


  • Share our ideas and support each other
  • Find out what children think by asking questions
  • Work as a school community
  • Listen to each other

Some of our initiatives over the past year have included:

  • Making changes to the school lunches, introducing a new menu (including the popular sandwiches and soup)
  • Organising the "Own Clothes" day for the charity Shelterbox, which raised over £900
  • Assisting with the "A Factor", creating the show presentation and presenting the acts to the school
  • Working with the Summer Fair committee
  • Building up a database of the opinions of our class mates