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Quotes from Akiva ParentS

  • 'It feels as though the teachers have really gotten to know my child as the person he is.'

  • 'Lovely community, focused on rounded social skills as well as education.'

  • 'I feel like the whole professional team are focussed on the wellbeing and development of the children.'

  • 'My child is thriving. I believe the teaching standards are very good and children are pushed at the right level for their own capabilities.'

  • 'It is a warm friendly school where the pupils are safe, feel happy and are listened to.'
    'It's a dynamic, caring learning community.'

  • 'It's inclusive. It has a social responsibility. It is only as good as our child's teacher and our child's teacher is excellent. It teaches our child to love her religion and other religions too.

  • It tells her she has a voice and teaches her how to use it responsibly.'

  • 'It is an amazing school which actively encourages our children to be the best learners they can be, all whilst preparing them for life at Secondary School and ultimately the wider world beyond the primary school gates.'

Source: 2022 Akiva Parents' Survey



  • 'It provides great learning opportunities and a sense of community. The children are at the heart and the opportunities for the children are wonderful.'

  • 'The children feel part of a nurturing community that makes learning fun and emphasises giving things a go and doing your best.'

  • 'It provides a caring, supportive place for children to learn to be confident, resilient and kind while also learning academic skills. It focuses on making learning fun and that’s it is ok to make mistakes.'

  • 'The children are confident individuals who are encouraged to think for themselves.'

  • 'The school is fantastic at developing a child’s innate confidence and sense of self.'

  • 'The individuality of my children are considered and taken on board.'

  • 'The staff are excellent academically and pastorally and go out of their way to engage with their pupils.'

  • 'The approach is holistic, children are taught subjects and skills but they are also taught how to approach their learning, how to ask questions and be inquisitive, how to apply what they have learnt in different ways. Very friendly atmosphere and a feeling of a positive community.'

Source: 2021 Akiva Parents' Survey



  • 'There is a wonderful sense of community; the entire staff is involved in the kids' education and show care and love.'
  • 'It is an excellent school and the response to the unprecedented situation of Covid-19 has been fantastic.'
  • 'It's a warm, caring, fun and supportive community. My child enjoys going to school, has 'excellent teachers who are dedicated and enthusiastic in all that they do.'
  • 'Can't fault it.  Three very, very happy kids who have gone through the school and been given what feels like the best start in life.'
  • 'The teachers are amazing and genuinely care about the pupils.  They are nurturing and supportive but also have high expectations of the pupils and push them to be achieve as much as they can.'
  • 'It is a brilliant community where the children are given opportunities to learn for themselves and develop their own sense of identity. '
  • 'It is a wonderful school that has helped both of me (very different) children to thrive.'

Source: 2020 Akiva Parents' Survey


  • 'An incredible school which provides the highest quality of education to the children it nurtures.'

  • 'We feel blessed to be part of the Akiva community.'

  • 'The first time we visited Akiva, we knew it was special and without doubt our number one choice. The quality of teaching, support and facilities, together with its amazing atmosphere makes Akiva a fantastic school'.

  • 'What I love at Akiva is the holistic approach to education. Every child is encouraged and helped to be the best that they can be individually and as part of a community.'

  • 'Akiva has helped my children to develop their Progressive Jewish identity in a very special way. They have also enjoyed learning about other religions and cultures both in the classroom and on visits to other schools and religious sites. In my opinion this is crucial for a faith school and the balance between the two has been exceptionally well thought out and implemented.'

Source: 2019 Akiva Parents' survey

  • ‘Akiva has provided my child with a caring, safe environment in which to grow and develop her Jewish life. She enthusiastically talks about what she has learnt in Jewish Studies and surprises us with her knowledge of Hebrew. We are proud to be part of the Akiva family.’

  • ‘We value the way that Akiva naturally blends Jewish learning and a passion for Judaism across subjects. This way Judaism is not seen as a standalone ‘subject’ to be liked or disliked. Instead it is part of school life, the same way as it is part of our everyday lives. In addition, the positive ethos means that our children leave Akiva proud to be Jewish.’

 Source: Pikuach Inspection Parents' survey June 2018

  • 96% would recommend Akiva to another parent. 
    National average for maintained schools and academies = 86%
    London average for maintained schools and academies = 89%

Source: Ofsted Parent View as at  January 2019

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