Akiva School

Akiva School

Akiva Chamber Choir - Voices Beyond Division Concert

On Thursday January 19th the Akiva School Chamber Choir participated in a remarkable event at St James Church, Piccadilly. The concert was conceived, when she was just 14 by a student now at the Purcell School of Music, Asha Parkinson.

Akiva performed together with pupils from St Peter’s RC Primary in Woolwich and Iqra Islamic School in Slough.  Preparation for the concert took place over several months and included workshops from World Jewish Relief, Christian Aid and Syria Relief. This non-partisan charity, which focuses on providing schooling for child victims in Syria, was a beneficiary of the profits from the concert. The children also had an opportunity to rehearse at and tour  the Purcell School.

Friendships were struck between the children from the three schools as they learned and rehearsed together. 

The concert was a delight. The children, stood between the choir and orchestra from Purcell were intrigued and motivated by their contributions, and those of the Middle Eastern guest musicians. They rose impressively to the challenge of Asha’s demanding piece, ‘What Wa?’, based on texts from the three religions.