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Useful Links FOR Learning

Education Websites - Secular


A number of engaging and challenging maths and literacy games to enhance their learning at home.

Free access to all resources for a month to support continued learning at home. Just enter UKTWINKLHELPS
to get started.

Purple Mash
A mash-up of curriculum focused activities, creative tools, programs and games to support and inspire creative learning every day.


Supporting maths learning through interactive activities, games and challenges. Username and password required to login.

Times Tables
Interactive games and tests
to help learn times tables.

TT Rock Stars
A fun, tried and tested format
to practice times tables. 




Educational Websites - Jewish

Jewish sites are run by a variety of organisations across the Jewish spectrum. While the language and approach may not always be consistent with our progressive ethos, the content will support our Jewish learning.


Supporting your mental well-being


Child Friendly Search Engines




Online Safety and Game Consoles

 See our safeguarding page for useful links 

London Grid for Learning

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a collaborative initiative set up by the 33 London Local authorities, which provides broadband connectivity, managed services and online content for schools and other educational establishments in London. They have a range of useful educational content on their site.
LGFL Learning Resources 

 If you know of other sites that you think it would be worth us including on this page, please email us.