Akiva School

Akiva School

Drop off and parking

These simple rules will support us to live in harmony with our neighbours and to ensure that they and the school community are safe on local roads.

  • Use the 'Stop and Drop'. Allow space for other cars by utilising space and parking near to the stop and drop sign. 
  • Do not park on double lines, across or overhanding drives or on the pavement in Windermere Avenue.
  • Do not u-turn on Windermere Avenue, Pavillion Mews or on East End Road as this causes unnecessary congestion.


Guidance for using 'Stop and Drop':

The fundamentals are that parents report to the security hut at 8.30am to put on a visibility jacket.  Cars using the service should drive down as far as possible towards the tree.  Those on duty should approach vehicles as they stop and open the door for pupils to alight.  Parents in cars should then move swiftly on.  There should be no getting out and opening boots and no waiting to watch your child go through the gates.  Door are not opened for parents who stop in the bus stop.  Once your child has left the car you should not do a U-Turn or 2/3/4/5 point turn.  

Thank you for your co-operation.