Akiva School

Akiva School

Akiva Foundation Hardship Fund

If your financial situation has changed, please be aware that there is real help available.

If you are currently accessing the food bank, then please know that you are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). You are able to start accessing FSM at any point - not just at the start of a school year. Anyone currently accessing FSM can receive a weekly food voucher and as you may have read in the news this is now being made available throughout the Summer holidays. The Akiva Foundation also have a hardship fund should anyone wish to have support.

We have also received many generous offers and charitable donations and unless people come forward we are not aware of where the need is.

If you would like to talk to anyone in confidence regarding this matter, please contact Suzy Osborne (our Business Manager). Any conversation or information you share will be held in the strictest confidence – it will not be shared with any other member of staff – including the Head Teacher.

If you would like to consider help from somewhere other than school, you may want to contact the Jewish Leadership Council. The Jewish Leadership Council in partnership with Work Avenue has also established a fund to support those across the community whose earnings have been directly affected by COVID-19. This fund was set up to specifically assist those who are ineligible for Government support or who face delays accessing Government funds. Go to www.theworkavenue.org.uk/covid19 for more information.